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Where to use the smart passive electronic lock?

Passive electronic locks do not require batteries or power sources, and users can fully manage locks through electronic keys and intelligent lock control management systems. Therefore, in the fields of electric power, railway, communication, water affairs, public transportation, bank, property, etc. that need centralized control, the management superiority of passive electronic locks is obviously highlighted. Compared with traditional locks, the using authorization of passive electronic locks, unlocking records, installations, and key management can all well solve the various needs and pain points of customers.

In the electric power industry, taking the substation as an example, it has gradually developed into a five-proof system, which has become a terminal for preventing misoperation. Security is an intelligent requirement to prevent illegal opening of measuring instruments and prevent electricity theft.

In the communication industry, it is mainly used in optical transfer boxes and other cabinets. The function is to strengthen management, cooperate with smart keys and management software, introduce efficient management of a large number of transfer boxes, and clarify responsibilities, and unlocking record is well documented.

In the process of special transportation, precious or dangerous goods transportation, in order to avoid the disadvantages that traditional locks and keys are easily opened by technology, passive smart locks can be installed.

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