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What role does passive smart lock play in the bank?

Financial security concerns the national economy and people's livelihood, and is a key issue for the banking industry. As an important part of bank trunks, vaults, and access doors, locks have become the top priority of bank-related technology research and development. Therefore, the emergence of intelligent passive solutions has brought many conveniences to major banks. Because it adopts a variety of unlocking methods of intelligent authentication, and adopts the safest passive lock cylinder key opening mode in the world, it will make the safety factor of banking service institutions to a higher level.

As far as the actual security measures of the banking industry are concerned, a series of complex unlocking methods are not only relatively dangerous, but also may fail due to human reasons. Especially in the process of using the key to open, it is necessary to ensure that no outsiders can enter. The passive electronic lock system can completely eliminate this safety hazard. Although there are still facilities such as keys, a series of unlocking schedules can be automatically recorded to ensure the safety of the unlocking process in the bank.

The passive electronic lock system has independent mechanisms for security verification, but whether it is a power failure of the power supply system or other failures, in order to open the passive electronic lock, it must go through a set of procedures for connecting with smart devices via Bluetooth. The process can directly verify the identity of each key user, and can also directly eliminate unauthorized verification outside the first line of defense. For the passive electronic lock system, its biggest feature is that it has the setting of the person in charge of management. Through the optimization of the system software and the unlocking process, the bank staff must be responsible for the management when using the key. person to verify. In this way, it can timely ensure that when the access control is opened, others can play an effective supervision role, and it can also realize that it is the person who truly recognizes the key, not the key itself. Ensure that any problems can be traced back to the person in charge as soon as possible, and the responsibility can be traced to the most basic positions in a timely manner.

At present, the passive electronic lock system has made great progress in technology, and there are many excellent ways and methods in the design concept. In particular, the conceptual innovation in the design of access control, trunks, and vaults, which are prone to loopholes in some banks, has created a more secure defense system. All of these will improve the security defense facilities of the banking industry to a large technical level, and also provide sufficient protection for the safety of depositors' data and property. In any respect, passive electronic lock system can be said to be the safest and most effective smart lock management system today, and it has also become the main security defense system of many banks.

All in all, the emergence of passive electronic lock system brings more security protection measures to banks, and also eliminates security loopholes caused by human factors. Except for the main person in charge, no one else has the right to directly enter the verification system. The passive lock cylinder connected to the intelligent system allows the bank to realize real-time verification even in the event of a power failure, thus providing more adequate protection for the safety of various important departments.

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