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What is the smart passive electronic lock?

Passive electronic lock, as the name suggests, is no external power supply, no built-in battery, no wiring installation, lock core adopts closed technology, users through the electronic key and intelligent lock control management software or system to achieve a full range of lock management. The electronic key provides power and identification information; The intelligent lock control management software or system sets the lock opening permission and uploads the lock opening record. The intelligent lock control management system realizes the functions of permission setting, lock state viewing, lock opening record storage and access, and lock information management.

Working Principle

An intelligent lock cylinder is built into the traditional lock, and the password/fingerprint/bluetooth verification is carried out at the same time through the power supply of the electronic key. The lock can only be opened after the verification is successful, and the electronic key automatically records the opening time. Record the locking time when locking. After the work, the unlocking records in the electronic key can be uploaded to the control system or the computer software to form a traceable data record.

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