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What are the advantages of NFC smart locks?

NFC passive smart lock is a smart lock technology that uses the NFC function of the mobile phone to contact and supply energy, and it can be opened with phone not a key.

1) High Efficiency

High chip technology, wireless power supply efficiency, one chip multi-purpose, NFC wireless power supply smart lock technology. At present, the chip technology has broken through the technical bottleneck of low power supply efficiency of traditional NFC. One chip can be used for multiple purposes. While completing data communication processing, algorithm calculation and power output, the terminal circuit of the chip can be used to pass the NFC signal of mobile phones and handheld terminals. Obtain power of more than 200mw. This is more than 4 times higher than the traditional technology, and the output power is enough to drive the motor of the smart lock to drive the locking mechanism to operate.

2) Wide Usage

The mature communication technology of NFC application adopts standard NFC technology protocol, which is compatible with more than 90% of mobile phones with NFC interface on the market. NFC is short-range wireless communication technology (abbreviation of Near-Field Communication), which was jointly developed by Philips and Sony at the beginning. Wirelessly interact with information, access content and services from a distance. Because of its simple and convenient touch method, NFC technology has gradually become a standard function configuration of mobile phone manufacturers. At present, both Android and IOS platforms have opened the underlying NFC interface, and the application scenarios of NFC technology will emerge explosively.

3) Cheap Cost

The lock body does not need to be equipped with power supply and traditional communication modules, the device is simple, the size is small, and the cost is more advantageous. A set of circuits can complete communication, calculation, power conversion and output, saving power storage and management modules, NB or Bluetooth and other traditional communication modules for smart locks, and the lock control principle has since become simple. On the basis of ensuring the intelligent lock control function, it not only has the inherent advantage of low device cost, but also the electronic device is simple and saves space, which provides better conditions for the industrial design and cost of the lock body version.

4) More Peace of Mind

Power-free design, network-free, maintenance-free, redefines the new standard wireless power supply design of smart locks for user experience. The lock body does not need to install batteries, use external power keys or wiring for power supply, and has strong environmental adaptability, making installation and deployment more worry-free. NFC can be opened at the touch of a button on the phone, easy to operate, and free from networking, so there is no need to worry about problems such as insufficient battery power, battery aging, network disconnection, etc. It is truly maintenance-free, and the user experience is more worry-free.

5) Convenient Management

Through the connection between NFC phone and smart lock, the top-level interaction of the smarter cloud server APP can realize various control and authorization functions. The lock module chip, the APP, and the cloud instantly complete a series of secure authorization encryption operations to confirm the user's lock control authority. Through the authorization verification technology system, the authorization operation in various online and offline scenarios of different application scenarios and intelligent lock control functions such as background management can be realized.

6) More Safer

It supports algorithm encryption and rigorous security technology system of security chip to ensure peace of mind when using the lock. NFC is a relatively standard communication protocol and has been used in secure payment and authorization scenarios. The characteristics of NFC near field communication can prevent wireless communication signals from being illegally intercepted. The NFC is power-free and the smart lock module is embedded with a dynamic authorization verification algorithm. The cloud, APP, and lock chip are linked to verify the identity authority at multiple levels to ensure that the lock authority cannot be copied. The module supports the expansion of financial-grade security chips, and the security verification mechanism is more stringent. The user's real-name identity is bound in the background, and the cloud records the time and device number of each lock control operation, and the operation record can be traced back.

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