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The solution for NFC passive lock

As a smart lock, NFC smart passive is more and more accepted and liked by a wide audience. NFC unlocking has also become one of the public's favorite unlocking methods for the intelligent locks.

At present, most mobile phones in the world have NFC function. For NFC passive locks, you only need to turn on the NFC function of the mobile phone, open the mobile APP, and approach the lock body to realize the unlocking function. The whole process does not require batteries, and the unique NFC technology is used to achieve NFC energy harvesting, with a maximum of several hundred milliwatts, so that the entire system can work normally, which is simple, convenient, fast and safe.

The large capacity and high security specification chip is used in the lock, which can realize the safe storage of information, and the capacity space is greater than 80K. It can also implement various encryption algorithms, international algorithms RSA, DES, AES, national secret algorithms SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, the entire communication process is encrypted, safe and reliable.

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