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Security Industrial Cabinet Lock

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

In the existing technology. with the development of the power distribution industry.the requirem ents for industrial cabinet locks in terms of practicality. safety and other technical performance are getting higher and higher, and the performance requir ements for the locks used in industrial cabinets are also getting more and more strict. The locks used in the cabinets are purchased in the market and cannot achieve the required effect. and have shortcomings in technical performance such as practicality and safety.

At present. the industrial cabinet locks on the market mainly include mechanical locks.dial password locks, intelligent active electronic cabinet locks. signal wiring locks.passive cabinet locks and other styles. Among them, the mechanical style is popular with the public because of its simpli city and low cost: intelli gent active electronic locks can be divided into unlocking methods such as card, password, fingerprint.bluetooth, etc... users can achieve the purpose of unlocking without carrying a key;passive cabinet locks can only need one key to complete the control of all locks.These industial cabinet locks are widely used in computer room cabinets, server cabinets. power distribution cabinets. outdoor optical cable junction boxes, switch cabinets. power cabinets, communication cabinets. etc. According to the cabinet and application scenari os, locks can also be divided into cam locks, handle locks, rod control locks, flat swing handle locks. vending machine locks. casement window

handle locks. etc.

Under the protection of industrial cabinet 1ocks. the intermal components and optical cables of various industrial cabinets can be safely protected, and at the same time. it can also prevent passers -by and children from getting electric shocks for no reason and endangering life safety.If the customers have any requirements about the function,structure, installation,usgae or the OED & ODM customized demands for the industrial cabinet locks,please contact us directly! We will try best to help and support!

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