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Introduction And Application Of Cabinet Lock

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Cabinet lock refers to the cover used to lock the metal plate cabinet frame or similar

door frame and box frame, which includes the cover parallel to the door edge, which

is basically erected on the door or frame. preferably set 1ongitudinally on the comer

space. Extended fomed link. A flat rod, for example, includes at least one retainer

mounted on the door frame or door panel for receiving the linkage when the door is

locked in the closed position. The operating device including the connecting rod

connected to the door panel is mainly used in industrial cabinets such as chassis

cabinets, industrial cabinets. hydraulic electrical cabinets, etc. so it is collectively

called cabinet locks. and can also be called connecting rod locks.

It is characterized in that the connecting rod can be aranged around the longitudinally

extending profile. away from the longitudinal axis near the plane or side of the door

panel, and can be pivoted between the locked and unlocked positions. The positioning

member constitutes a bearing surface for the other side of the connecting rod close to

the plane of the door panel, and the operating device controls the movement of the

connecting rod near this side.

Application field introduction

Electric power industry: Solve the problems of power grid transformation, electricity

stealing and anti-stealing work. and at the same time further enhance the protection of

power equipment and improve security.

Communication industry: Solve the daily managem ent problems such as inspection of

the server in the computer room and cabinet. preventing the theft of batteries or


Network field: Solve technical issues of warehouse security. operator authority

control and managem ent.

Other fields: Solve various problems related to access control management, such as

radio and television, oil field, heating. water supply. gas, etc.

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