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How does the passive lock work?

It is well known that passive locks consist of locks, electronic keys, control systems/control software. So how to cooperate between the three, how to bind, and how to coordinate work together? And for this set of locking system, how to achieve management?

For this reason, KERONG company specifically designed and developed a new passive lock solution, in order to solve the problem that the mechanical key is difficult to manage, unlock records can not be queried, the key is easy copied, and it has to replace the lock if the key lost.

Handset Machine is one “mini computer”, which can be used to make authority of the electronic key. For example, the user can use handset machine to program which lock to open through the electronic key, and what time period the key is vaild. After programming, it can insert the key into lock to make binding and unlocking.

During this unlocking communication, the unlocking records will also be stored in the lock and key. Then the manager can check the records directly through the key. Every lock and key has one unique ID number, the handset machine can set that one key to control one lock, and it can also set that one key to control multiple locks.

Under this way, it no need to take thousands of mechanical keys to the industrial cabinets and look out the right key one by one. Using the passive lock solution, just taking one key can maintain all the cabinets. Time saved and work finished completed!

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