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Has lock management become a problem for you?

At present, there are many kinds of locks and keys in the substation, server room, distribution station, etc., which cannot be effectively managed.

Terminal boxes, mechanism boxes, control cabinets, server racks, industrial cabinets, network cabinets, ladders, high-voltage rooms, relay protection rooms, installation rooms, measurement and control panel cabinets, etc. all have their own locks and keys. There are a large number and variety of keys, and it often takes time to unlock them. It takes a long time to find the corresponding key, which not only brings the trouble of finding the key to the staff, but also greatly reduces the work efficiency and safety hazards.

Key for lock

Based on such problems, the existing mechanical unlocking mode is completely unable to meet the current efficient and intelligent management of a large number of locks. Seeking solutions for efficient and intelligent management of locks has become what the public is eagerly looking for.

Now the new passive intelligent electronic lock is matched with the intelligent electronic key, which can not only control multiple locks with one key, but also record the binding and unlocking records of the key and the lock. Monitor and manage the use of keys and locks, efficiently and effectively solve problems such as difficulty in finding keys, inability to query unlock records, and inconvenience in carrying.

Passive Lock

In addition, compared with other smart electronic locks, passive electronic locks do not need to worry about the problem of battery or power supply, because the passive lock itself does not need batteries, and only needs to supply power to the lock through the electronic key. The electronic key is carried by the user. If the electronic key is out of power, it is only necessary to replace or charge the battery of the electronic key, which is also very convenient for the user.

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