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Application of Passive Lock in Distribution Network

At present, most of the distribution equipment such as box-type transformers, ring network cabinets, and cable branch boxes in the outdoor distribution system are located in public places such as roads and residential areas. Most of the cabinet locks of power distribution equipment adopt the traditional unlocking method, which cannot confirm the identity of the operator, nor control and record the authority and time of unlocking, and the process cannot be tracked.

The operation and management of power equipment requires regular inspection, but it is difficult to manage. The operation and maintenance personnel are not in place, and once a major accident occurs, they cannot be held accountable.

In addition to the problems caused by the above locks themselves, the operation and maintenance of the distribution network mainly relies on manpower, and there are uneven quality of operation and inspection, low labor efficiency of operation and inspection, frequent occurrence of misoperation, as well as few types of monitoring data, and control of distribution equipment. repetition etc.

Even with a lot of manpower and material resources, the failure to achieve efficient management of the distribution network also leads to a slow improvement in operation and maintenance capabilities, making it difficult to adapt to the rapid development of the power grid.

(1) The Design of Passive Electronic Lock

The passive electronic lock design combines the characteristics of mechanical locks and electronic locks, and consists of a lock body and a lock cylinder. Passive means that the lock body has no power supply, and electronic means the intelligent electronic lock cylinder. When the electronic key is inserted into the lock cylinder, power is supplied to the electronic lock cylinder through the key and dynamic key verification is performed, and the key is turned to open the lock at the same time. The passive electronic lock has a unique ID code, plus three-level password authority management and dynamic key verification, anti-copying and anti-lock technology, layer-by-layer management and control, intelligent and efficient.

At the same time, the intelligent lock adopts a high-reliability design as a whole, which has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-magnetization, and anti-destructive. The shell is made of high-performance alloy material, which has high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. It is effectively separated from the external environment to prevent impurities such as dust and sewage from entering the lock cylinder. Smart locks can operate stably in harsh environments such as high temperature, damp heat, severe cold, wind, sand and dust.

(2) Application of intelligent passive electronic lock in power distribution system

The intelligent lock management system of the distribution station is composed of intelligent electronic locks (electronic locks and electronic keys), mobile APP and management platform. The working principle of the system is as follows: the remote management center realizes the centralized control of the locks and keys of the power distribution station, and authorizes the unlocking of the staff from a distance through the 4G network. After the staff obtains authorization, open the mobile APP to pair with the electronic key wirelessly via Bluetooth. After the electronic key is successfully connected, connect the key to the passive electronic lock, and the lock can be unlocked if the match is successful, otherwise the unlocking fails. Through authority management and encryption algorithm, one key can open multiple locks, which greatly simplifies key management. The system will automatically record all operation and status information, upload the obtained relevant records to the server, and check the relevant records on the management platform to realize the management of the passive lock.

Passive high-reliability smart locks are used in power distribution site room equipment, etc. With the help of the idea of IoT power distribution, smart locks and IoT technology are integrated with each other, and passive high reliable intelligent access control system for station equipment is more intelligent, convenient and user-friendly in terms of user safety, identification and management, and it will also have a good application prospect.

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