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Application of Passive Electronic Lock in Vending Machine

Locks play an important role in the stable operation of self-service terminal equipment. Server racks and rack cabinet locks are the common industrial locks. In addition to being used in vehicles, communication servers and other fields, they can also be used on the outer box of self-service terminal equipment, such as vending machine, to ensure the safety of internal lines and cash boxes.

From its birth to today, vending machines have been popular for decades, occupying every corner of the city, selling items covering beverages, snacks, cosmetics and many other fields, and consumers cover all consumer groups.

With the widespread use of vending machines, the demand for vending machine locks has increased substantially, providing security and protection for vending machines against theft and external attacks. Therefore, thousands of vending machines are scattered all over the streets and alleys, which also brings many management problems. The emergence of passive smart electronic locks is just like helping in the snow, which is a good and effective solution to management problems.

Each vending machine corresponds to a special person for replenishment and maintenance work on time. Each vending machine corresponds to a lock. In the face of a large number of vending machines, if it is a traditional lock, there will be a lock corresponding to a key. In this way, managers or replenishment personnel must carry a lot of keys, and it needs a pair each time when opening the lock. Then it will take a lot of time and the efficiency is very low. But the emergence of passive intelligent electronic locks will be the savior of such problems.

Passive smart electronic locks use passive lock cylinders, which are powered and unlocked by electronic keys. The lock itself does not need to install batteries or connect to the power supply, just insert the electronic key to unlock. Moreover, one electronic key can open multiple locks, which solves the problems of too many locks, too many keys, and low efficiency. The administrator does not need to carry a lot of keys each time, but only needs one electronic key.

# Passive Lock / Swing Handle Lock

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