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Swing Handle Lock

The design of the smart lock system can be fully integrated and transformed with the ubiquitous electronic lock device, so as to make the installation and operation easier and more economical.

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Passive Swing Handle Lock


  • Electronic Key to Power & Unlock

  • Authority Management

  • Remote Control

  • Unlocking Records

  • Customized Service Available

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Swing Handle Lock


  • Multiple Unlocking Methods IoT Lock

  • Authority Management

  • Mechanical Key Emergency Opening

  • Remote Control

  • Unlocking Records

  • Customized Service Available

Electronic Flat Swing Lock


Electronic Flat swing lock
  • Material: Zinc alloy base, handle, carbon steel bolt, galvanized steel bolt, pressure plate

  • Surface treatment: painted (black high salt spray resistance) base, handle

  • Structure description: The handle rotates 90 degrees, the one-way locking stroke is 25mm, and the three-point locking

  • Product features: Under the condition that the structure of the lock body remains unchanged, the left and right door openings can be adjusted by changing the direction of the positioning member, and the electronic lock and the mechanical lock can be exchanged by replacing the electronic box.

  • Applicable scenarios: high and low voltage power distribution cabinets, LED cabinet cabinets, GGD cabinets, PS cabinets, switch control cabinets, network cabinets, instrument cabinets

Flat swing cover lock

Flat Swing Cover Lock


  • Material: Zinc Alloy

  • Surface treatment: oil injection

  • Product features: Torch zinc alloy, copper key, copper lock cylinder. The shell adopts imported dispensing foam, which has good water resistance.

  • Application scenarios: suitable for industrial equipment, 5G outdoor communication cabinets, power distribution cabinets

Swing handle lock

Swing Handle Lock


  • Product material: zinc/aluminum alloy

  • Surface treatment: spray paint, matt color

  • Product function: suitable for various industrial cabinets such as power distribution cabinets, communication cabinets, instrument cabinets, power cabinets, etc.

Swing handle panel lock


Swing Handle Panel Lock

  • Product material: zinc/aluminum alloy

  • Product features: beautiful appearance, ultra-thin plane, anti-rust and anti-corrosion

  • Applicable scenarios: power distribution cabinets/boxes, switch cabinets, fire cabinets, communication cabinets, instrument cabinets

Swing handle combination lock

Swing Handle Combination Lock


  • Main material: galvanized pressure plate of lock back lock shell, lock piece

  • Surface treatment: black sand grain surface

  • Panel thickness: 1~ 5MM

  • Unlock method: password plus key

  • Application scenarios: suitable for file security cabinets, chassis locks, distribution boxes, control cabinets

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